Julien Genestoux

Entrepreneur, Hacker, Investor & Advisor

20 May 2019

Open Source, what is next?

Or, an attempt at convincing my friends who care about open source software that blockchain and smart contracts are the future of our work.

20 Feb 2018

20 years

Every tech company under the sun (Californian or otherwise) is betting their future on Artificial Intelligence. Google for example, invests in hardware (Tensor Processing Units), software and even algorithms like AlphaZero. Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft… etc, all of them have publicly claimed this was their future. On the other end, very few of these are investing similarly on public blockchain technology.

04 Jan 2018

A token model

In 2017 the Blockchain world bloomed with many token offerings. The general idea behind these is that innovative networks could get some kind of seed money by selling initial tokens to investors. These Utility Tokens are designed to be currencies in these networks and their creators argue that they should be valued using the equation of exchange.