Julien Genestoux


A couple months ago, on June 2nd, Basile, my second kid was born. I became a father more than 2 years ago, but I wish there was a word to describe what it is to be a father of a 2nd child… because this is similarly life-changing.

Being second is not often celebrated. The world runs with competition and competition praises the first one. Yet, when the second ones (and the ones after) are often the ones who bring equilibrium, balance or strength. We remember the first person to reach a new land, the inventor of a new technique, the breaker of an old record or the founder of a successful company. We all love it when someone breaks the status quo for the first time, when a rebel stands up. Yet, what makes these people geniuses and heroes rather than lunatics is that, eventually, a follower stood by them, supported them, shared their dream and fought their fight.

The tech world suffers a lot from the Not Invented Here principle. The premium for the inventor is so high that often, people will re-invent the wheel rather than build upon other technologies, products and tools. At Superfeedr, we tried to avoid these traps by always adopting open technologies and stacks. For example, we quickly implemented PubSubHubbub when Bret and Brad released the first draft of the protocol!

Being second is understanding that the world existed before… and that sometimes, making a better world is a matter of following the right leaders.

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